Available for teaching & training on the following topics:

  • Healthy Communication: “Communicating…for a change.”
  • Growing Together through Pregnancy Loss
  • Healthy Sexuality for Newlyweds
  • Self-Care: “Love God. Love yourself. Love your neighbor.”
  • Grace-Filled Goal Setting

*Speaking Rate: $75 per session


“You really were put on this earth to do this very thing. [The woman] who was sitting beside me, said ‘you can tell how passionate she is about what she does.’ The information you presented was so applicable to our daily lives and situations. You also either gave examples or used our situations to put into action the information you gave, so it became more real.

Thank you again for coming to speak. I know each of the women took something away from this morning that they can use to better their relationships….I know I did.”Lauren Pham | Lexington, KY

“From Kensi’s education and professional training around Marriage and Family Therapy, she offers great insights to engage couples and newly married couples. As she taught pre-married couples on our annual retreat, Kensi addressed the most important facets of sex, romance, and affection. While many gaps exist in the church and in education as young people prepare for marriage, Kensi gives practical tools for communication and greater understanding about God designing us for pleasure.”Greg Haseloff, Asbury University Chaplain | Wilmore, KY
“I chose to work with Kensi for coaching on how to grow my business. She has since spoken to my team on authentic relationship building in business and they loved it! Kensi speaks with such confidence and presents herself with poise. I would recommend Kensi to anyone!”Shanda Jacobson, Arbonne Area Manager | Nicholasville, KY