Life Coaching

Ready to turn your God-given dream into a meaningful reality?

We all have our own God-given dreams & desires. We also all have our own reasons why those dreams are not yet realities, why our desires are not yet fulfilled.

Maybe it’s been a really difficult season for you. Maybe your whole life has been really difficult. Maybe the Lord is calling you out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you’ve sensed a calling on your life, but the situation you’re in now makes no sense as to how you’ll ever get there.

Whatever your circumstances, you have God-given dreams and potential for one reason – to be realized.

If you’re feeling…

  • ready to do something you’ve put off for far too long
  • confident in where you want to go, but uncertain about how to get there
  • tired of letting your own thoughts get the best of you
  • done with letting your own fears hold you back

…then life coaching is for you.

Through life coaching at Relational Remodel, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the obstacles that stand between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Overcome your obstacles by changing your mindset.

  • Align your thoughts with the Truth of God's Word to overcome self-doubt and fear.

  • Set grace-filled goals for your God-given dreams.

  • Develop the skills and self-care strategies you need to do the work you were created to do, with patience and perseverance.

  • Show yourself grace, try new things, tolerate the unknown, and wait hopefully and patiently through prayer.

1 Mo. Package


Paid in Full
  • [4] 50-min. coaching sessions (phone call or Facetime)
  • Workbook PDF w/ reusable worksheets
  • Voxer or Email “check-ins” once a week
  • Perfect starter package for the woman
    who’s never had life coaching or for whom
    paying monthly makes the most sense.
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3 Mo. Package


(Save $200!)
  • [12] 50-min. coaching sessions (phone call or Facetime)
  • Workbook PDF w/ reusable worksheets
  • Voxer or Email “check-ins” once a week
  • Perfect for the woman who’s interacted
    with me enough to know how I think & work
    and is committed to change over the next 90 days.
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Money Back Guarantee:
Your success is important to me. If you’re not reasonably satisfied with our work together after completing all coaching sessions and worksheets, I’ll be glad to refund you.


“I cannot say enough how helpful life coaching has been for me! I’ve enjoyed the process of laying out my goals, understanding my motivation, and working through the obstacles that were hindering my success. Life coaching has helped me to feel empowered in taking the reins of my life and living it to the fullest everyday!”Kristi D. | Owensboro, KY
“I am so happy that I found your program! From day one you challenged my mind to go places that were once blocked. After tearing down that wall, I’ve been able to overcome obstacles that I wasn’t able to before!

I’ve identified things in my life that were limiting my beliefs; I’m able to quickly identify feelings and emotions that are unproductive; & for the first time, I have goals, short AND long term. I now know how to “stop to smell the roses” & take life a little slower but with more purpose, which has allowed me to have a deeper connection with my child & pray more meaningfully. I cannot thank you enough for your work you’ve done with me. It has been eye opening and I am forever grateful!”Karrina Y. | Owenton, KY

“You really motivated me to reach my goal in an area I had been dragging my feet! You pushed me in a way I needed to get back on track and stay on track by your probing questions and getting me to hold myself accountable. From our initial coaching session, I knew that you would be an excellent coach and that you love what you do. You inspired me to focus and meet my goal! Thank you!Cathy B. | Baltimore, MD

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