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Thanks so much for your interest in working together as you take your next best step toward creating change in your life and relationships. Whether you’re at your wit’s end or you desire to get things right from the get-go, it would be my honor to join you through this next chapter in your story.

All my best on your journey toward health & wholeness,

Kensi Duszynski, MA, MFTA, CPC
Owner, Relational Remodel, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions


Individual Counseling + Couples Therapy

I get this question a lot! Every counselor is different, but here’s the way I work:

-When you arrive, I’ll greet you in the waiting area & show you to my office, where you can make yourself at home and help yourself to a beverage before we get started.
-I’ll take your paperwork, we’ll do a brief review, and then we’ll simply begin a conversation.
-Counseling is unique in that I’ll be asking a lot of questions upfront, but that’s to help me best know how to serve you. And you’re always welcome to be honest or ask questions yourself as we go along.

Good question. I usually find that people have done all they know to do by the time they end up in my office.

The thing is, relationships are tricky…and change is often counterintuitive. This is why it can seem like a problem is solved, but in reality the problem is still there, buried somewhere, or new issues have developed as a result.

…Why not ask for help sooner than later? Why wait until things fall apart? Why not get back to living your life more quickly…and with more tools to help you on your own in the future?

Hard to say, but the range I typically see is somewhere between 6-16 sessions.

Here’s the thing: Every client is different, every story unique. Motivation and presenting issue play a large part in determining length of treatment.

But as a therapist, my goal is that through our work together, you would grow to a place where you have the insight, tools, and resources you need to move forward from this season of your life.

I find that clients who make the progress through counseling, coaching, or therapy are those who:

1. Begin with a motivation to change.

2. Approach each session with curiosity and openness to new learning and growth.

3. Commit to do the work between sessions to implement lasting change. (Given that you and I will likely spend 1 hour out of the week together, its your job to make the other 167 hours count).

I work with individuals…

1. to help them gain self-awareness in order to grow and change.

2) to understand how their thoughts and feelings relate to their behaviors and actions to produce different results in their lives (CBT).

3. to develop customized skills and strategies they can take with them beyond therapy.

I work with couples:

1. to help them identify their relational patterns and personal tendencies in order to do something different and more productive.

2. to structure conversations using Relationship Enhancement (RE) skills in order to get to the root of the issue.

3. to help them learn to work together to make the changes required for a successful marriage (based on Gottman’s research) moving forward.

I am! I have an active Christian faith and am involved in a local church. (Given my location, I get asked this question a lot).

So what does that mean for you?

On a personal and professional level, I value ethical integrity and excellence in my work. Thus:

1. If you share similar beliefs and values, I am happy to incorporate faith conversations and practices in session, at your consent.

2. If you do not share similar beliefs and values, I will always respect you, my client, and never impose my beliefs on you.

My stance on marriage:

I am pro-marriage and pro-commitment, which means that I place a high value on staying married, the institution of marriage, and the biopsychosocial benefits the marriage relationship brings.

My stance on separation:

The only time I would ever mention separation is in the event that your marriage is no longer safe due to any type of abuse or domestic violence. Your safety takes precedence over salvaging your relationship; paradoxically, ensuring your safety is a necessary first step if your relationship is to ever be restored in a healthy way.

My stance on divorce:

I hate what divorce does to individuals, couples, and the family unit. So rest assured, I will never recommend divorce if you’re coming to me to work on your marriage (in fact, I’ve had clients come to me after seeing other therapists who recommended divorce when that was not what the couple wanted).

At the same time, I know divorce is extremely hard on individuals, families, and their support systems. Some individuals and even couples seek counseling at this time, once a decision has already been made, in an effort to work through the transition as smoothly and cohesively as possible. Thus, I also work with couples or individuals whose lives divorce has touched.


What is said in my office stays in my office, unless you tell me about your intent/plan to harm yourself or someone else, or incidents of abuse. In such cases, my duty to warn and report override client-therapist privilege.
(KRS 202A.400; KRS 600.020; KRS 209A.030).

That’s fine! You most likely will. I always want you to feel like you can ask questions and gain the answers you need to feel confident moving forward. Communication and trust are a part of this process, and if I don’t have an answer for you immediately, I will do my best to find it, or walk through it with you.

Life + Relationship Coaching

As a life coach, I work with clients who are starting something new:

1. to identify the projects they wish to complete or the goals they want to achieve.

2. to identify the personal or internal obstacles standing between where they are currently and where they want to be.

3. to teach them 6 self-coaching concepts that will help clients coach themselves now, and in the future, through new goals or projects they wish to achieve.

4. to provide accountability throughout the coaching relationship.

As a relationship coach, I work with couples:

1. to help them identify where they want to grow and go in life, together as a couple.

2. to identify the obstacles standing in their way.

3. to teach them 6 communication skills that will not only enhance the quality of their relationship, but allow them to work productively together toward their life goals.

4. to equip them with the resources, tools, & insights they need to achieve their dreams as a team.

Great question. Here are a couple of core differences:

1. Focus

Counseling often focuses on past events in order to (a) understand the presenting issue, (b) heal from past wounds, and (c) make healthy changes moving forward.

Coaching often focuses on the future in order to (a) understand present obstacles standing in the way of where a client wants to go, (b) learn and grow on a new level, as an individual or couple, and (c) up-level your mindset and life!

2. Client Location

Counseling clients must reside in the state of KY at the time of counseling.

Coaching clients may reside anywhere in the world!

3. Format

Counseling sessions are held in person.

Coaching sessions are held over the phone or FaceTime.

4. Cost

In my practice, counseling costs less per session, though potentially more over time (depending on length of treatment). Counseling sessions are paid for separately.

Coaching costs more per month, though less over time (coaching packages last 3 months). Coaching sessions are paid for upfront.

Yes! In addition to my therapeutic training, I’m credentialed as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Relationship Enhancement (RE) Couples Therapist & Coach.


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Relational Remodel, LLC
304 E. Main Street Ste. #7
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(859) 474-0182